S c i e n c e M a d e S t u p i d

Because half of us are dumber than average

Of Addicts, Ice, and Fruit Flies


Should Heroin Be Prescribed To Addicts? 11 out of 10 addicts say, “Yes!”

Gore Files Lawsuits Against Time Lawyers for former Vice President Al Gore have filed numerous lawsuits against Time magazine, alleging a series of voting irregularities they maintain deprived Gore of Time’s “Person of the Year” Award.

Breast cancer genes don’t have to mean cancer Okay, but can we bust them on “malicious intent?”

Slush, you huskies, slush! Warming Weather Forces Iditarod Changes

Mars Avoids Asteroid Strike Invasion of Earth cancelled for lack of interest.

Space Weather Forecast: More Solar Storms on the Way UN calls for special taxes to cool out space.

DNA to Decide if Headless Killer Faked Her Death Right up there with the immortal “Headless Body Found in Topless Bar.”

Older Arctic Sea Ice Replaced By Young, Thin Ice Old and fat being replaced by young and thin? I think the Arctic Sea has grounds for a discrimination lawsuit.

Culture Influences Brain Function, Study Shows Study carried out at rap music concerts.

With Daily Alcohol Use, Male Fruit Flies Court Other Males Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Global warming death toll continues to mount: Heavy Snow Kills Dozens in Asia

People With Dementia Survive On Average Four And A Half Years After Diagnosis But only because they don’t understand what it means.

“No Shit Sherlock” award goes to… the envelope please…. : Why don’t we drop medical waste and nuclear waste into active volcanoes?


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