S c i e n c e M a d e S t u p i d

Because half of us are dumber than average

Don’t Lase Me Bro!

Your global warming emergency vehicle: Amphibious Car Can Dive 33 Feet Underwater

Crap jargon alert: “Food Insecurity”

“Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) and Boston Medical Center (BMC), in collaboration with researchers from Arkansas, Maryland, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, have found that children living in households with food insecurity , are more likely to be at developmental risk during their first three years of life, compared to similar households that are not food insecure.”

Can’t something be done to make food feel more secure? I guess not now that this is on the menu:Taliban Say They Will Attack Restaurants

Still, there is some good news. Last chance to eat! Black Abalone At Risk Of Extinction, Endangered Species Act Protection Sought

Herons persist in Chicago wetlands despite exposure to banned chemicals If this keeps up Chicago will have to stop spraying and just shoot them.

Oops! Surgical sponges have been left inside people with such frequency that they invented a word to describe it: gossypiboma “In which I compile a list of things that surgeons have left inside people”

There’s “woof” and there’s “woof”Computer learns dogspeak Because humans just don’t LISTEN!

Bad news for lesbians, worse news for husbands: Bisexuality not a transitional phase among women, according to new research

Mad genetic scientist alert: Mice Given Bat-like Forelimbs Through Gene Switch … Because we can. That’s why.

“Don’t LASE me, bro!” Stroke Victims Could Get Laser Treatment

UPDATE: Yet More Fresh Doom! First the global freezing, then the ozone hole, then the alar scare, then the warming, then the comet strike, then the supernova explosions, then Rogue Black Holes Roam Milky Way, then the Massive Gas Cloud Speeding Toward Collision With Milky Way, and now, now this, the FINAL INSULT! Troublemaking Solar Cycle Kicks Off I tell you if this keeps up, sooner or later every single person alive on the Earth today is going to be dead, dead, dead!


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