S c i e n c e M a d e S t u p i d

Because half of us are dumber than average

Crabcakes at the Samoan Home Town Buffet


New source of crab cakes discovered: Size Doesn’t Matter To Fighting Fiddler Crabs

Reversal Of Alzheimer’s Symptoms Within Minutes In Human Study But a few minutes later another study tells you to forget about it.

New Insight Into Factors That Drive Muscle-building Stem Cells Short form, juice embryos early and often.

Elephant Shot Dead in Zimbabwe After Party Shenanigans How he got in the pajamas, we’ll never know.

Staying Active And Drinking Moderately Is The Key To A Long Life, Study Suggests Case of the partying elephant supports this conclusion.

Divorce May Widen Distance Between Teens, Fathers Especially when moms move out of state.

So don’t bother, OK? Fatherhood Linked To Prostate Cancer Risk Modern science, undermining the family at every turn.

Grass Makes Better Ethanol than Corn Does True, but your car won’t get off of the couch in the garage.

Good news: Super-hairy plants could battle global warming Bad News: After certain victory they rape, loot, pillage, and burn the Planet before turning into dandelions in your lawn.

Oatmeal’s Health Claims Reaffirmed, Study Suggests More scientists who didn’t listen to their mother.

Eating Out Can Have Both Positive And Negative Impact On Obesity Just stay out of the Samoan Home Town Buffet chain and you should be fine.

Coming Soon at the Al Gore Cineplex: An Inconvenient Galaxy: Arms Winding ‘Backwards’

New Year resolutions could add years to your life Don’t smoke. Drink little. Eat fruits and vegetables. Exercise. Resolving to keep New Year resolutions does not make the list.

Again Science imitates Sesame Street: Two Proteins, Called BERT And ERNI, Control Brain Development

Alarming Levels Of Mercury And Arsenic Found In Chinese Freshwater Ecosystem But look for “Made in China” Spring Water Bottles in Wal Mart by the Summer. Cheap too.

Remember giving up bacon cheeseburgers? Sucker! Cholesterol May Actually Pose Benefits, Study Shows

Remember all that sun screen you’ve smeared on for decades? Sucker! Sun Exposure Causes Net Reduction In Cancer Risk

The Freddy Kruger Lifetime Achievement Award goes to…. the envelope please…Glowing Pig Passes Genes to Piglets Mankind is now prepared, DAMNED prepared to farm on the dark side of the moon!

Today’s “No shit, Sherlock” Award goes to… the envelope please…. Teens Find The Benefits Of Not Having Sex Decline With Age

UPDATE: More Fresh Doom! Rogue Black Holes Roam Milky Way First the global freezing, then the ozone hole, then the alar scare, then the warming, then the comet strike, then the supernova explosions and now, now this, the FINAL INSULT! I tell you if this keeps up, sooner or later every single person alive on the Earth today is going to be dead.


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